Self Esteem Activities For Kids

There are many activities that help boost self esteem for children.

Self Esteem in kids is important and here are some tips to do without really seeming like you are preaching to them.

self esteem activities for kidsArts and crafts: a great way for anyone to express themselves. Have your children create a poster all about them! You can provide different magazines, newspapers, pictures, and let your child create a collage on how they see themselves.

Pottery is actually very soothing and allows children to be creative as well. There are many different air dry clays that are available at local arts and craft stores that come in a variety of colors.

Maybe just taking your child to the craft store and allowing them to pick out a craft they would like to do – art is great because it allows one to be creative and offers instant gratification.

Another great idea to build self esteem for kids is by helping them create a list of everything that makes them happy. This may sound silly but it is a helpful tool. Kids will know what makes them happy, then they will know for the future!

Let your children stand in front of a mirror and say something positive about themselves. It really does build self esteem – looking at your own reflection and seeing yourself say something like “I’m an awesome person, I am bright and confident, I will do the best I can at everything today” has an impact over time.

Of course sports and especially martial arts helps kids boost their self esteem immensely. Some of the best lessons are taught here.

Challenging your child through activities such as puzzles and brain teasers also helps boost confidence. Anything that engages the other side of the brain in the long run helps kids develop better thinking and strategy skills.

If a child has an open mind and is able to “think outside of the box,” self esteem will come from within when they are faced with different problems and situations in the real world.

Some self esteem activities for kids may seem so simple but they will leave a lasting impression on kids. The impressions made now will stay with them through their adult lives!

Have you stopped and looked in the mirror lately?

Do you like what you see?

Little steps and positive comments go a long way on how one perceives their own self worth and image.

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With Pride & Respect

Lee Mainprize