Lead By Example

parenting tips

There is no question that when it comes to parenting the challenges you face is almost indescribable unless you are talking to another parent. While difficult at times, it certainly has its moments with one of those being the fact that parenting can be therapeutic. As parents we want to be perfect. We want to make sure we are making the right choices and making every right move in avoiding negatively impacting our children in any way. In our journey when it comes to our children’s self esteem, it turns out that we should take a deep look at ourselves. We can learn a lot from this and only when we heal ourselves can we pass healthy self esteem onto our children. When it comes to effective parenting, confidence in children, and child success, you can start by healing your past.

Just as your self esteem was developed, confidence in kids was not passed down to them but rather is acquired. Your parenting traits however will be observed and passed down. Same as your character traits for example, if you have constant anger or if you are fearful. Same goes for if you have low confidence. Your low self esteem came from how you were raised and in order to not give that to your children, you need to find ways to cope and heal it. If you do have a healthy level of self esteem, how did you get there? Write down what your parents did with you. How did they weaken your self worth or how did they strengthen it? Take the positive and use it. Or, take the negative and be sure not to use it!

Just as you looked to your parents, your children will look to you just as though looking in the mirror. While a happy face isn’t always expected all of the time, when unhappy often, a child will pick up on this. Ask yourself what type of image you want your child to see. What image do they currently see? This has everything to do with self esteem because they can tell if your pleased with their actions, they can tell if your upset at something, they can tell if your angry, and all of these and more can impact how their self esteem is developed. Even if you are stressed out all the time about something totally different, they may think it is them and try to please you. The truth is you do not want to burden your children with that. If you don’t like what you see how is your child expected to like what they see? Do a little self reflection and healing if necessary, which will help your child in their self esteem development.