How To Teach Respect To Children

teach respect

How is a child supposed to understand the importance of respect if it is not taught to them, it isn’t practiced, and they don’t have an example to follow? Sometimes it is hard to teach a child respect because it can be frustrating, but by a parent losing their temper, they are showing their child how to be disrespectful. Confidence in children is taught as is respect and self esteem for kids. One cannot simply assume that they will know these things – children are sponges, and absorb everything that goes on around them.

After doing much extensive research, there are about ten steps to follow to help teach your child how to be respectful and not the opposite.

  • Teach respect – Simply teach your child respect and do not assume they know what it is.
  • Expect to be respected – Setting your expectations high and respecting yourself will show your children the importance and they will model that behavior.
  • Discuss respect – When a child is being respectful or disrespectful, point it out and talk about it.
  • Acknowledge respect – Just like discussing, acknowledge respect as well. Do not let anything slide, the more lax you become the more you will see regression in everything you worked hard towards.
  • Model respect – Lead by example! Enough said here.
  • Praise respect – Give credit where credit is due, allow your child to see that good does come from being respectful.
  • Understand what respect is – Understanding proper terminology is important as well, picking choice words such as “I’m upset, I’m frustrated, or I’m hungry” are good phrases versus “leave me alone, I hate you, or get me food!”
  • Correct missteps – If a child is disrespectful, correct them without becoming frustrated.
  • Reinforce respect – Remind children how respect will get them further than being disrespectful and disrespect will not be tolerated.
  • Reward respect – Rewarding your children for hard work is always a great positive reinforcement. This is not to be confused with bribery though.

This is just a great way for anyone to live their lives really. It is easy to become disrespectful but if these steps are adhered to, there should be no reason someone would act otherwise. I’m sure everyone has been in a situation where they were disrespected before, kill them with kindness! It leaves someone more dumbfounded than stooping down to their levels of immaturity. Confidence in kids is equally as important as confidence within their parents who have the power to bring their children up respectfully.