How To Stop Your Child’s Back Talk

stop back talk

Parents dread the point when their children will start to backtalk. Parents try so hard to raise their children to be respectful, smart, and well mannered but sometimes those smarts come around and bite you! All of a sudden all of those questions you have asked your child time and time again are being asked of you and you may feel out of place and find yourself questioning, “How did I get here?”

Confidence in children is an amazingly wonderful quality for them to possess, they just need to stay in their proper place. Children who become overly confident often are the ones that talk back the most because they feel they are superior to anyone. This outcome is not good! Learning how to tackle the issue of a child who talks back is not a difficult task to master. It really only includes three major components:

  • Parents need to listen to the child completely
  • Parents should be willing to work any situation out with their child
  • Parents must stick to their guns!! “No” means “no,” and not switching their answer to “yes”

As hard as it may be at times, giving in to your child is never a good thing. The more often you do, they will remember and then turn around and use it to their advantage. Talking back typically starts to occur when a child is turning into a teenager, and I’m sure you remember – when you were in between thirteen and nineteen, you do know everything and no one can tell you otherwise. Parents should work with their children on a resolution as well as just listen to them while maintaining their cool.

Confidence in kids can be a double edge sword really. Some children may purposely complain a lot to get what they want. There are others that fall into the category of repeating things over and over until you have finally had enough and give in! Living by the ground rules that are set is important for everyone in the household. Not only will ground rules help maintain a balance in everyone’s life, it will also help build a healthy self esteem for kids.  Every situation is different as is every child; these are just some helpful pointers to keep in the forefront when confronted with back talking.