How To Boost Self Confidence in Kids

confidence in kids

When it comes to your confidence in children, there are several things you can do in order to enhance and promote it. Just as things you do can impact their self-esteem negatively, you can instead learn what can be done to influence their self confidence in a positive light.

While there are many tips and suggestions, you can start with discouraging their negative thoughts, praising your child, by teaching social intelligence, and by instilling proper nutrition and exercise into your child’s life.

Get Rid of Those Negative Thoughts

Just like adults, children will feel down about themselves time and again when frustrated about something, and will then make an internal comment that is negative towards themselves. It turns out that many people do this, and many children do this such as saying to themselves, “I always mess things up,” or whatever the comment may be.

The difference about adults and children when this happens is that children will typically voice these sorts of statements. They may call themselves stupid and so on, but when they do and you hear them, let them know that it most certainly NOT true! Depending on their age, do a bit further explaining by letting them know that everyone has good and bad days, but that doesn’t mean they are a failure.

Don’t Be Afraid to praise

You don’t always need to wait for the negative to correct your child when trying to enhance their self-esteem. Praising them will let your child know you are proud of them, appreciate them, and so on. Thank them when they do something helpful, say “good job” when they do a good job, congratulate them when they make an accomplishment and so on.

Of course, every now and then they will make mistakes that need to be corrected however a reward speaks just as loud. Simple praise will boost their confidence, encourage them to do good things, help their self image, and make them feel success.

Get Them Involved Socially

Parents should not only encourage their children verbally, but they should encourage them to have social lives. Social relationships are very important to children just as they need real friendships.

Without them they may feel like they don’t belong, feel different, become depressed, have anxiety, and have low levels of self-esteem. Perhaps the best way to encourage these social relationships is getting your child involved in a sport.

Exercise and Nutrition

Believe it or not, what a child eats and the types of activities they are involved in will influence how they feel, and overall, how they feel about themselves. Without living a healthy lifestyle various emotional disorders can come about. Be sure your child has plenty of exercise and is eating nutritious foods. An active lifestyle at a young age will benefit a child throughout their lifetime.

With Pride & Respect

Lee Mainprize