How Low Self Esteem Affects Children Later In Life

low self esteem

When a child suffers from low self-esteem, it will certainly carry on into their adulthood if not altered. Simple things such as meeting new people can be very difficult, as well as taking on challenges, valuing their own opinion and much more.

It is important for parents to understand just how crucial healthy self-esteem in a child can be because a parent has the ability to help increase a child’s self-esteem and guide them in the proper way through a series of activities, words, and so on.

Without a parent intervening in a positive way when it comes to their child’s self-esteem, the following can be carried into the child’s adulthood:

Communication skills – A child with low-esteem is likely to grow into an adult that has difficulty in communicating with others whether it is with their spouse, coworkers, and so on. This is because they do not feel secure and confident with what they say, they may be afraid to say things.

Negative Thoughts and Feelings – Since a child with low self-worth has negative thoughts and feelings about themselves and even others, it will be the same sort of thing once they become adults with a difference being they are more likely to keep things within themselves versus saying negative statements out loud.

Quick Temper – An adult with low self-esteem may have a quick temper. This is because of the frustration they feel and negative thoughts that they feel which come out through their temper, hence being that of a quick temper.

Blaming Others – Because an adult with low self-esteem often feels low about themselves, they will also blame others to make themselves feel better.

Difficulty with Relationships – Having difficulty in relationship is common when your child has low self worth and goes from a child into adulthood. This is because they have trouble communicating and may have negative feelings often, which makes it hard for their loved ones, and so on.

Keep in mind while some of these signs may or may not occur into a child’s adulthood, everyone is impacted differently. A child with low self-esteem doesn’t mean that they are bound to show all of these negative impacts.

It is also important to remember that with self-esteem you don’t just have it or not, but instead there are levels that fall in-between. A child can have very low self-esteem or just a little self doubt which will all impact how they transform into adults.

With Pride & Respect

Lee Mainprize