Factors That Effect A Childs Levels Of Self Esteem

self esteem for kids

Self-esteem in a child can be defined as the degree in which they view themselves as worthy. The very foundation of a child’s self image is first developed during childhood and will then be carried with them throughout their lives.

With low self worth or self-esteem, because it is so crucial during the younger stages of childhood, it is very important for a parent to understand what can cause it.

First off, parents should know that a child’s biggest influence on their self-esteem comes directly from them. When a child is always being criticized, yelled at, or beaten, they are bound to feel nothing but worthless.

When a parent ignores his/her child, teases them, or ridicules them, a poor self image will be developed.

Even if a child is expected to be perfect all of the time and fails in sports, or at school, low self-esteem will be the product. If these circumstances occur in a child’s life earlier on, they will begin to experience identity issues as they reach their teen years.

A parent will choose to deal with a situation in one of many ways and that decision will directly have an impact on the child’s self worth. It will go one of two ways: the parents decisions will create healthy self-esteem, or will destroy it.

The lowest of self-esteem within a child is the direct result of a parent that has been neglectful or extremely harsh.

Second, low-esteem can stem from not only parents but other family members and other peers. A child’s teacher, friends, coaches, can all play a role in how their self-worth develops.

Since criticism can come from anyone within the child’s life, the person doing the criticism can be responsible for creating low self-esteem within the child. If the child is constantly picked on by someone in school, this can influence their self-esteem.

If a child’s teacher puts the child down in front of the entire class, his self worth can be damaged. Many people in a child’s life can make a child feel bad about themselves.

Lastly, we can’t ignore the influence of the media and their impact on a child’s self-esteem. Although this pertains to more to the physical aspects of a child and their body image, it still can negatively impact a child’s thoughts about themselves and how they feel.

While there are many causes for a child’s low self-esteem, the main roots are grown by the parents. With a strong foundation, it is likely that other factors such as schoolmates, teachers, and so on, can’t have as much as a negative impact on the child’s self-esteem because it has begun to be positively imbedded into who they are.

With Pride & Respect

Lee Mainprize